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There are many factors to consider when selecting the appropriate materials for your roof. Consult the experienced professionals at Sunrise Roofing by calling 530-243-8210.

With the hostile roof environment here in the north state, the weather plays a significant role in the aging of your roof. We have an intense summer sun, which scorches the surface of the roof and can raise the rooftop temperatures anywhere from 50 to 75 degrees above the ambient temperature. The sun's rays are relentless, and also subject your roof to severe ultraviolet radiation. UV rays have been shown to accelerate the aging of shingles. Additionally, temperature fluctuations cause thermal shocks, which forces the roof deck to expand and contract, and places a strain on the shingles. Year after year, this process is repeated, and results in a cyclic fatigue of the shingles.

Sunrise Roofing uses the Certainteed LANDMARK® Series. For additional product details visit the Certainteed website